Efe’s neon-green dress was in combat with the sun as each tried to outshine the other. Her lips were popping hot pink, and she felt good about herself. After many weeks of relentless pursuit, she was finally going on a date with Tunde.

Before she left the house, her roommate, Hilda, had said. “Efe, all these colours don’t go well together at all.”

Efe concluded Hilda was jealous of her. How could she say that the blue heels she wore and multicoloured purse didn’t go with the dress and makeup? What about her perfect makeup? She had even used the same colours on the purse for her makeup. She shrugged off Hilda’s comment and left the house.

Two hours of waiting and Tunde still wasn’t there. She called his phone, but he didn’t pick up. Efe was getting uncomfortable from the stares of the patrons and security at the cafeteria. What if Tunde stands me up? She thought. Her makeup was melting, and sweat was trickling down her back like the caress of a man on his new bride.

Then he showed up. He alighted from the taxi and looked around him. Efe waved excitedly at him and he saw her. He walked in slow, deliberate steps and stopped in front of her. He sized her up and her smile faded away.

“What is this, Efe?” He asked, irritated, but she was too stunned to speak.

“If your friends won’t tell you the truth about how you look, you should use a mirror. It doesn’t lie.” With that, he walked away as if he’d not just shattered her heart into a zillion fragments. She looked for something wrong with her outfit. All she saw was the same thing she’d seen in the mirror at home. The same perfection.



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