Hey there, this is Esther Enewerome Odafe bringing you the interview I had with the winner of the FHTCA 30 days content creation and marketing challenge. I’m the founder of the Facebook group From Hobby To Career Africa (FHTCA) –a Facebook community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, authors, career-oriented individuals and anyone who is interested in transitioning their hobbies or skills to a profitable business or career venture.

In July, I organised a 30-Day Content Creation and Marketing Challenge to foster creativity and help the contestants of the challenge hone their content creation and marketing skills. The core value of From Hobby To Career Africa is to build individuals who are skilled and globally relevant to help boost their country’s economic development through decent work (UN Sustainable Development Goal 8).

The 30 days challenge started on 8th June and ended on 8th July 2020, and I announced the winner on my birthday –10th July. The rules of the challenge involved, 30 days nonstop consistency, no plagiarism of content, the use of the contest hashtag #30DaysCCMChallenge and the winner was judged based on the overall highest number of engagement (likes and comments).

There were four participants and at the end of the challenge, the winner emerged in the person of Mary Adenike Adejobi. For winning the challenge, she walked away with a cash prize of 10,000 Naira and the title of TRIBE MEMBER OF THE MONTH. I gave the other participants a compensation prize worth 5,000 Naira in the form of my audio course, eBOOKS FOR MASSIVE VISIBILITY, which comes with two complimentary video tutorial courses on HOW TO CREATE eBOOK COVERS AND MOCKUPS WITH SMARTPHONE.

I hope you enjoy the interview and learn from it as well.

Q: Hello Adenike, it’s nice to have you here. Please introduce yourself.

A: I am Mary Adenike Adejobi. I am a writer, content developer, editor and a writing coach. And I am also the privileged founder and director of Pacesetters Writers Institute.

Mary Adenike Adejobi

Q: Amazing!

You were the winner of the From Hobby To Career Africa, 30 Days Content Creation and Marketing Challenge. How did you feel when you found out you won? And what was the most challenging part for you during the challenge?

A: I felt overjoyed. I mean, it was 30 days of intentionality and consistency. And it wasn’t easy at all. But what’s worth doing at all is worth doing well. I would say the most challenging part for me was the video content, which was the last phase of the challenge.



Q: Congratulations, Adenike. So, tell us more about your business and how you got started.

A: Thank you!

Pacesetters Writers Institute is an online writing institute birthed with the passion and conscious effort to train outstanding writers who would wield their pens for global influence.

content creation and marketing

Q: What plans do you have in this journey of influence?

A: My plans include reaching out to young minds and helping them become trendsetters in any sector or field they are in.

Q: Thank you, Adenike. It has been wonderful getting to know you a little. For those who would like to get in touch with you and know you better, how do they contact you?

A: Thank you for having me on your platform. If you’d like to know me better, you can follow my content on Facebook: Adenike Adejobi. You can send a message to +2348148437972 via WhatsApp for a swift response.

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