The Power Of Storytelling In Copywriting And Content Marketing.

The Power Of Storytelling In Copywriting And Content Marketing.

The power of storytelling in copywriting and content marketing is seen in the way it makes your message memorable and captivating. Here’s why this is an important factor in your writing.

You will agree with me that the novels you’ve read, the stories you were told, those Instablog Naija stories you read, and even some old movies you saw on TV a long time ago, you can still remember them vividly. (I even know people who can recount Game of Thrones Season 1 that aired years ago like it was just yesterday). However, people find it difficult to remember recent facts or statistics they heard or read recently. Why do you think this happens?

This is because storytelling is a powerful tool that:

  1. Triggers emotions to make an audience relate to the story.
  2. Creates kinship and community.
  3. Enables engagement: Since everyone has an opinion these days, writing stories, especially controversial ones, have the power to pull in a lot of comments.
  4. Enables belief: Once a story has captured the emotions of an audience and is something they can relate to, nobody bothers to verify if it is true or not. In fact, a story can be completely made up and people will begin to take sides without waiting to verify. This is a common occurrence lately especially on social media.

How is storytelling relevant in copywriting and content marketing?

First, we need to establish that copywriting is the art and skill of using words to sell or promote a brand, product or service. The content written with any of the above aims is called a sales copy.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re trying to get people to buy from you or patronize any of your services, the best way to introduce what you sell or do is by using stories because of the reasons mentioned above. People will remember your business because of the story you told them not because of what you want to offer them. As I established earlier, people remember stories more than facts. So the next time you want to sell, try to engage your audience by using stories to speak about their pain points.

Make them the hero of the story who is going through a difficult time trying to achieve something then you can introduce your product or service as their saving grace. It is an effective strategy that works in any niche.

Storytelling is important in content marketing because people will only buy from someone they know, like and trust. And in order to be this person, you have to be consistent with the kind of content you feed your audience with.

Your content which could be in the form of text, visual, audio or video must be designed in a way that speaks directly to your audience. By the time you are able to consistently give out (market) content that evokes emotions and pulls in engagement, your target audience will no longer be strangers but people who know, like and trust you. This way whenever you have something to sell to them, they won’t be hesitant to buy from you.

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